Medicare Information

Medicare Advantage

What is Medicare Advantage?  Is it Part C?

Medicare Advantage Plans are $0 Premium Plans in Maricopa and some surrounding counties.  They offer low, predictable costs with established, large networks of doctors and hospitals.  And they INCLUDE Plan D for Drugs.  With a lot of options available in this area, it is important to speak with a broker so you know which plan best covers YOUR particular situation.

Medicare Supplemental

What is a Medicare Supplement?  Which letter do I choose?

A Medicare Supplement offers you a low monthly premium and access to hospitals and doctors who take Medicare.  You will need to add a plan D for drugs so visit our Plan D page also!  If your friends say they pay “nothing” for their healthcare plan, this is the plan they probably have.  We can explain how it works and whether it is the best plan for YOU.

Medicare Part D

How do I get Part D?  It’s not on my Medicare Card!

Part D simply stands for Drugs.  Your current medications will be provided to you under Part D, whether by mail or retail pharmacy.  We have a lot of options for those of you in Maricopa and surrounding areas.  So call us.  We will run a comparison of your options and see which plan is the best value for your medications.  All Part D Plans are not created equal!  Although they all provide full coverage, your costs will vary on each one.

Note:  Your Part D will be INCLUDED in a Part C or Medicare Advantage Plan.  You will need to buy a separate Part D Plan if you choose a Medicare Supplement Plan.

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