Christine Corbridge Insurance Consultants

Splashing into Medicare can be confusing, but we are here to make this process simple, easy and to the point.  Call, email or leave your information below.  We will call you back and start the process with whatever questions you have right now.

We help with navigating Social Security, Medicare Parts A & B.  What is Part C and D?  When do I start the process?  Can someone meet with me in person?  Can I just talk over the phone?  How do I know who takes my doctor?

Yes, we can help with all these questions and any others.  Even if you know exactly where to go!

The appointment is no cost to you.  Call 602-214-1290 to find out more.

When to expect at a consultation?

We can meet in the comfort of your home, at a local coffee shop or in my office. We will go through your specific needs in a health plan. My goal is to provide you a list of options, make them easy to understand and allow you to choose, without a doubt, which plan serves you best.

The Best Part:

You become my client, and you have access to me throughout the year, to ask questions, help resolve any issues that may arise or just find out where to find hints. Who needs to call an 800 number when you can call someone you trust. We look forward to being part of your new easier healthcare experience.

Who am I?

Christine CorbridgeI just finished my 9th Annual Enrollment Period from October 15 through December 7. I have an MBA and an undergraduate degree in Philosophy. Of course, that has come in handy once or twice throughout my life. I have two teenagers that keep me busy and alive. And I have lived in the Valley for 16 years. It is my goal to provide you the highest level of service, both initially and throughout the year. I hope that each client I meet leaves knowing they have someone they can trust, and that they have been given the information they need to make the best decision for them. I look forward to helping you, your friends and your family.

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